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(v1.5.6.0 - Date: 08.03.2018)

PwdCrypter© is an App I have built with the idea to simplify the passwords management.
Today, in the Epoch of Internet, we get quickly to collect dozens of passwords (or why not hundreds of passwords!) of our accounts.
The more common solution is to use one or more files for register the various passwords we have. Would not it be more convenient to have them in one place? Maybe with a search engine?
PwdCrypter© is born by this necessity.

PwdCrypter© is on sale at the Windows Store with 30 days trial, without any limitation.
Buy or try PwdCrypter!

Do you have found a bug? Do you have any suggestions to give me about this App?
Send a claim with the module at the end of this page.
Go to the support module.

List of arguments

Access page
The first access

At the first launch, it will ask you to agree the privacy policy of the App.

Since the version, the privacy policy at the time of the distribution is embedded in the App (and this document will be considered valid for your installation).
In case an update of PwdCrypter© include an update of th privacy policy, it will be offered to you for reading and its reception will be required.
If you won't agree with this, you must uninstall it from your devices.

The last version of the privacy policy is available here.

Knowing the importance of the data that the App has to manage, I have decided to use a cryptography algorithm in order to protect the data.
The access to the App is although shielded by password: at the first launch, it will ask you to create the login password.
It is very important remember this password. Without it, you will not able to login to the application.

Control panel
The control panel

Logging in to application, you will ssee the list of commands available:

  • Search Password. It gives us the feature for search a password in the list;
  • Add Password. It gives us the possibility to add a new password in the list;
  • Manage Password. It permits us to modify or remove an existing password;
  • Change Login Password. It permits to change the login password of the application;
  • Transfer Password List. It gives us the feature for import and export the list of our passwords to file with extension TXT, CSV or LIST (encrypted file);
  • About PwdCrypter. It show a page with the information about the application. It gives us also the link to this manual.

Since the version, the dashboard is divided by two pages. You can navigate using the arrows on the left and right side of the App window.
The commands available in this seconda page are:

  • OneDrive.Allow you to access to the passwords list in the Cloud;
  • Settings.Show the panel with the options of the App.

Search page
The Password search

The password search is very simple: you can manually scroll the list or you can type part of the description of the password (see chapter Add a new password).
The search is done during the keying.

Press on the password in the list in order to open a popup window with the details:

  • the password description;
  • the username;
  • the password;
  • the e-mail;
  • the security question;
  • the answer to the question;
  • the additional notes (available since the version

See the chapter Add a new password for understanding what type of data you can link to a password.

At this point, would you manually transcribe the password you see?
Of course not: it is enough to click the copy button for copying the password to clipboard.
You can do the same operation for the other information linked to the password (there is a copy button for each information).

Since the version, PwdCrypter© is integrated in the Browser by the extensions.
In the panel with the details of the password, the command "Paste in the form" allow you to send the data of username and password to the extension, with the aim to insert them in the form.
For more details, see the chapter Browser Extensions.

Add a new password
Additional settings
Add a new password

Adding a new password in the list involves the evaluation of the following fields:

  • Description: it is the second information for importance that you have to insert. In the search page, you can find the password by this description (see the previous chapter The Password search).
    This filed is mandatory.
    Since the version, at the right side, a button "Notes" is visible. With this button you can add some notes about your password.
    You can read this notes by a specific button in the password details panel (see the section The Password search);
  • Username: optional field where you can inserrt the username of an account. It could be the username of an e-mail account or the nickname of a web service;
  • Email: optional field for the e-mail address. Sometimes it is the substitute for the username during the login;
  • Password: it is a mandatory field for register the password in the application.
    If we are creating an account for the first time, the password may not have been decided yet. For giving a hand on this, there is a button "Gen" that permit to generate a random password composed by 12 characters;
  • Security question: many website often introduce a security question for recovery the password. It is an optional field;
  • Answer: optional field for insert the answer to the security question.
When you have compiled the form with the required data, press "Next" in order to carry out the save.

Since th version, between the buttons "Next" and "Back", a new button reserved tot he browser extensions is available.
This open a panel with the additional settings for your password. In this panel you can choice what field is to be used for the username of the login form.
The available options are "Username" (default) and "Email".
That information is saved in the passwords list, so it can be transferred with the password transfer feature.

Password management
Password Management

The page for the management of password is very similar to the search page. You can manually search the password by scrolling the list or you can find it typing part of the description in the respective field.

When you have found it, you can select the item and decide between modify (button "Change") or remove it from the list (button "Delete").
Clicking on "Change", you will go to a page similar to the page for adding a new password. The fields in this case will be precompiled.

Warning: removing the password is an irreversible operation.

How to change the login password
Change the login password

It is a good norm updating regularly our passwords. Many web site that have in care the security of their users, they force the user to change the password after a specific time.
The App doesn't obligate the user to update his login password, but it is possible do it when you believe suitable.

Select the command "Change Login Password" and then choose "Next". It will propose the startup page and like at the first access we have to create the login password.

Transfer password
Transfer the password list

The password list can be exported to a file with the following formats:

  • TXT. The password list is exported to a plain text file with extension .txt. The values are separated by comma ";";
  • CSV. As the txt format but with the .csv extension;
  • LIST. It exports the password list to a file with .list extension. The file is encrypted.
The first two formats are not encoded (so, for example, you can read them with the notepad). The third format is safer than the other because that file is encrypted.

The .txt and .csv files have this form:


The files with these formats are perfect to import in a Calculation Sheet.

The import feature (button "Import") allow to load the password list from a .txt, .csv or .list file.
The .txt and .csv files can be generated by a Calculation Sheet (or also manually), it is enough that they respect the form described above.
Instead, the .list file must be generated from the application.

Why we should export the password list outside the App?
For make a backup (do you remember the clause in the condition of use?) or for transfering the passwords from one PC to another.

Important note: for importing the encrypted file it is essential that the login password of the App is the same used at the exportation moment.
For security reason, only the user that has exported the password list is allowed to import the list in the application.
It means that, if you changed the login password, you will not able to import the .list file that you have exported before.

Since the version, there are two new commands, related with the Cloud feature:

  • Download. The command download to local the current list of passwords available in the Cloud.
    Clearly, for enjoy of this feature, the connection to OneDrive is needed.

    WARNING: any backup of your local passwords list is won't be done. Please, before make this operation, take a look on the passwords in the Cloud.

  • Upload. The command upload to the Cloud the current list of passwords saved in your device.
    Also for this operation, the connection to the Cloud is needed.

    WARNING: any backup of your passwords list in the Cloud won't be done. Please, before make this operation, take a look on the passwords in the Cloud.

Second page of the dashboard

PwdCrypter© allow you to save your passwords list in the Cloud.
This feature is available since the version
The platform currently implemented is Microsoft OneDrive.
Pressing the button "OneDrive", a window will be opened in order to access to the platform. After you have completed the login, if it is your fist access to this feature, it will ask to the user if he/she want to upload in the Cloud the current list of the passwords.

Once the user is connected, in the pages of search, mangement and transfer of passwords, the new option "In the Cloud" will appear.
That option is used for moving the page actions on the passwords list in the Cloud.
You can uncheck that in order to continue to working with the local list of passwords.

With the Cloud enabled, the Transfer page has been enhanced with two new commands:

  • Download for download to local the passwords list in the Cloud;
  • Upload for carry out the opposite operation.
For more detailes, see the page Transfer.

Option page

This page is available since the version
Here you can set how long the login session of the App should be (5 minutes is the default).

In the category Extensions, you can disable the popup message with the instructions after the copy of the login information for the Browser extension.
For more details about the extensions, see the chapter Browser Extensions

This settings are saved locally in your device, so they are not transferred with the passwords transfer feature.

Browser Extensions

Since the version, the PwdCrypter© App is integrated in your Browser.
At the moment, the extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.
The extension for Edge is still in testing by Microsoft so, be patient! :)
The extension requires two steps:

  1. install the extension from the Store;
  2. download and install the PwdCrypter Native Messaging Host software (MD5: addbaaa09860b38bc23caf432aa31a89).

The extension works in this way: open the panel with the details about the password and press the button "Paste in the form". The data of username (or email, depending on your settings) and password will be prepared for dispatch them to the extension.
At this point, move to the browser, set focus on the first field of the form to be filled, and press the icon of the extension.
After few moments, username and password will be inserted in the form.

For security purpose, the information sent to the extension, is not persistent: for paste the same information again in an other form, you have to repeat the procedure from the first step.
Additionaly, the password won't be paste to a not encoded field that it is not dedicated to the password.

NB: some web sites can block this special copy and paste feature.

Info about PwdCrypter
Support and information about the application

In this page you can find the information about the author, the link to this manual and the link to the Privacy Policy.

For doing a claim about this App or simply for supplying advises on that or future applications, you can use the module below.

Video demo

Below, there is the video demo.
The video is in italian language but it is subtitled in english.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of PwdCrypter© is available here.

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