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PwdCrypter© is an open source App built for simplify the password management.
The access to the passwods is done using a master password: one password for access to all the passwords you would like to register.
The application is able to connect to the browser by a specific extension, in order to make easy the login operation.
Official App of the website SviluppoMania.
SviluppoMania is a website born in 2017 which publishes various article about the information technology (software, hardware, software development, videogames etc...).
The App allow you a quick access to the articles published at the website.
Warning: the application contains banner advertisement!
DuGet is a package manager for Delphi.
This application allows you to get the list of the opensource packages available for Delphi on GitHub.
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Publishing date: 5th January 2014 – Registration date: 5th January 2014