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PwdCrypter© is an App I have built with the idea to simplify the passwords management.
Today, in the Epoch of Internet, we get quickly to collect dozens of passwords (or why not hundreds of passwords!) of our accounts.
The more common solution is to use one or more files for register the various passwords we have. Would not it be more convenient to have them in one place? Maybe with a search engine?
PwdCrypter© is born by this necessity.
3DC OBJViewer© is a simple viewer of 3D objects that you can download and install for free.
At the moment, it is possible to load only 3D objects in OBJ format (Wavfront format).
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The XMPGenerator© App allow to generate the XMP files directly from your smartphone, without having to connect to the XMPGenerator© website.
This App requires a Internet connection because the XMP file generation is remotely done.
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Official App of the website SviluppoMania.
SviluppoMania is a website born in 2017 which publishes various article about the information technology (software, hardware, software development, videogames etc...).
The App allow you a quick access to the articles published at the website.
Warning: the application contains banner advertisement!
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