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3D Model
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3D Models

Q: How does it work?
A: The models are sold in the 3D model stock.

Q: I don't found the author 3DCrypter in the stock site. What is name of your author?
A: The models are sold by MatVic. 3DCrypter is only a place where you can see the portfolio.

Q: What are the stocks where 3DCrypter sells its models?
A: For now they are the following:


Q: Who is the author of the images published on this site?
A: Always me, MatVic!

Q: What are the stocks where 3DCrypter sells its images?
A: Currently I sell in 4 microstock:

Q: Who established the images price?
A: Unlike to what happens for the 3d models, the stock decides on the price of the images. Generally, the price can also change during the time (depending on the number of sales, on the age of the image or on other rules).
For more information, please see the dedicated section on the stock site.


Q: I have found a bug in one of your Apps. What shall I do?
A: You can send an e-mail to

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