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The last release of PwdCrypter

28 January 2021, 23:12

PwdCrypter version 2.2.0 is now available for Windows and Android!
This will be the latest version of the application.
No further updates with new features will follow, barring any major bug fixes.

In March 2016 was born PwdCrypter on Windows 8.1.
Thanks to all users for the support received!

In order not to condemn the application to obsolenscence, I decided to make it totally free and open source.

PwdCrypter is now open source

For those unfamiliar with the term, open source means that the application source code is freely accessible to anyone.
You can find the source code of PwdCrypter ot the GitHub platform at the following url:
The user manual and the privacy policy on 3DCrypter have been updated due to this change.

As long as PwdCrypter is available in the Microsoft and Android Stores, I will continue to provide support.

What changes to the end user with the transformation into open source

The application still be the same: no new features or bug fixes from the previous version.
Distributing the source code leads to some advantages:

  • provide more transparency on how the application is made and what it does
  • opens up to collaboration with many more developers (the community)
  • anyone can create their own version of the App, deploying it under him/her name (for free or for paid)
  • potential compatibility of several "descended" applications of PwdCrypter, made by third parties
  • more large support as more people works on the application

Open source doesn't necessarily mean free, but in the case of PwdCrypter, the App distribuited by me (3DCrypter), it is. We can therefore speak of "free and open" App.

What is GitHub

GitHub is the world's largest source code maintenance platform.
Millions of software houses and small developers use it to manage the code of their applications (open source and not only).

Multiple distributions made by third parties are possible

I distributed the source code under a license that allows free access, copying, modification and distribution even by creating paid products.
So I leave to anyone to start to collaborate on the project, but also to make what in jargon is called "fork" (a copy of the source code) to create their own version of the App.
These third-party versions can then be distributed in the Stores, obviously under another author (who will no longer be 3DCrypter).
Users will then be able to choose the distribution they like best.
I highlight that the support is at the author's expense: I will not answer to claims on the versions made and distributed by third parties.

What about the 3DCrypter version?

The 3DCrypter version will still be in the Stores and as far as I'm concerned it will still be totally free.
Sooner or later, like all applications, it will face of its doom... due to obsolescence or due to my personal decision.
It could also be replaced by a third-party version... who knows.

The End

3DCrypter © 2013-2021 | All rights reserved
Publishing date: 5th January 2014 – Registration date: 5th January 2014