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Saturday 4th February 2017, 22:16:06
Survey about 3DCrypter website
Would you like to tell something about the 3DCrypter website? From today to 4th March, you can do this by contributing to a short...
Sunday 8th January 2017, 12:01:13
CreativeCrash comes back to roots
CreativeCrash returns to roots and comes back to the Highend3D. CreativeCrash was a convergence of Highend2D and Highend3D, both managed by two sep...
Sunday 1st January 2017, 17:50:20
Published a new model: Christmas Lodge
Happy new year! This is the first model of the new year 2017: a Christmas Lodge! I know, I'm late... The 3D model shows a Christmas scene of...
Thursday 22nd December 2016, 22:06:50
Christmas holiday sale-off at CGTrader!
From today until 1st January 2017, at the CGTrader marketplace there are the Christmas discounts!
Many products (mine too!) will be reduced of 30% ...
Monday 12th December 2016, 22:27:41
Published a new App: 3DC OBJViewer
After some months in silence, I am here again!
From today my second App is available at the Windows Store. Its name is 3DC OBJViewer. It is a simpl...
Sunday 24th July 2016, 17:03:11
Published a new model: Anthonomus Pomorum
What is that? It is an Anthonomus pomorum!
The Anthonomus pomorum is a small snout beetle of the family of Curculionidae. It is somewhat odd but th...
Tuesday 28th June 2016, 21:52:43
Published three new images!
I have published three new rendering. The first one shows a hand that it is going to strike the Earth for send away it from the impact of some asteroi...
Saturday 25th June 2016, 14:12:46
Published a new free model!
Have you got something to sell? Today I have published a new free model that it suits you: a wooden sign that it says "For Sale!"....
Saturday 4th June 2016, 10:08:29
Published a new model: Generic Scientific Calculator
The model is a generic scientific calculator.
I have tryed to insert all the buttons and commands that I thought they were necessary for a scientif...
Saturday 14th May 2016, 13:01:34
Search and ranking
From today, there are available two new features on 3DCrypter.

As you can see,in the home page and in the portfolio pages, it is appeared a searchin...

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