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Saturday 16th April 2016, 9:58:12
Published a new model: Caricature of Earth
The model is not the classic representation of the Earth. I wished to create the caricature of our Planet.
I said "caricature" and not &q...
Saturday 16th April 2016, 9:57:13
Published a new model: Simple Colosseum
The model is a simple representation of the Colosseum of Rome.
This is not a properly low poly model because it is made by more than 5000 polygons....
Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 23:13:58
The App section is born!
From some days, you may note that a new section App is appeared in the menu.
Well, I have create this new section dedicated to the Apps made by mys...
Saturday 13th February 2016, 15:53:53
Titolo: Published two new images!
I have realized a rendering to 300dpi of the presentation image of 3D model of Magnifier, that it was published the last month. The texture of wooden ...
Wednesday 6th January 2016, 10:43:59
Published a new model: Wrench
Here, an other little object: the classic wrench 3D model.
All the 3D modelers have sculpted this object... now, me too!

For more details, see

Sunday 3rd January 2016, 11:40:51
Published a new model: Magnifier
Published the 3D model of a magnifier.
I have started to create an icon for a my application and... then I ended up to add details to the model!...
Tuesday 1st December 2015, 23:07:58
Published two new images!
I have published two renderings with a Panettone as subject.
The first image is a simple rendering of a Panettone on white background. For the seco...
Saturday 21st November 2015, 10:09:51
The 3D Studio site is closing down
From 30th November, The 3D Studio site will be closed and all the account will be terminated.
In the next days, I will see to remove the links to m...
Sunday 8th November 2015, 15:50:51
Published a new model: Space City in a Crater!
Published the model of a sci-fi space city built in a crater.
The motors flame and steam are made by the physical and particle effect of Blender....
Saturday 12th September 2015, 9:21:28
Published a new image!
As I am used, while I am creating a new 3D model, I think how I can use it for getting an image to publishing at the photo/illustration marketplaces....

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