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Saturday 5th September 2015, 9:55:36
Update about the modality of request of a custom 3D model
In this days, I have fronted the upgrade of the modality of request of a custom 3D model. I list shortly below the main changes:...
Saturday 5th September 2015, 9:14:49
New 3D model marketplace:
Since some days, I am subscribed at a new 3D model marketplace. However it is not sponsored a lot, I think that it is valid so much. I am talking a...
Saturday 15th August 2015, 14:52:10
Published a new model: Airship!
Published the model of an airship.
The vehicle is a classic blimp with balloon and gondola. Attached to its gondola there are two engines functioni...
Sunday 5th July 2015, 8:58:31
Published a new image!
It is summer and I have realized a new rendering about that. Using the 3D model of the kiosk and a nice photo by...
Friday 26th June 2015, 20:53:13
Published a new model: kiosk on the beach
Published the model of a kiosk on the beach. The construction is a simple building made in wood with a straw roof. In front on of it there are some ta...
Wednesday 6th May 2015, 20:56:43
Published a new model: Headphones
Published the 3D model of headphones with mike, controller for regulating the volume and two separated jacks for the audio and voice channel....
Sunday 26th April 2015, 14:43:21
Two new microstocks are added to my list
Since a few weeks I am subscribed at other two microstock sites for selling images.
I refer to other important microstock agencies...
Saturday 25th April 2015, 9:14:59
Published two new images!
I have published two new images: "3D Shark Fins in Coffee" and "Preserve the Nature". They are both conceptual images.
For more...
Thursday 9th April 2015, 21:56:55
Published a new model: Bathroom Fixtures
Published the models of toilet, bidet and toilet paper. The models are detailed. For more information see the section "Portfolio"....
Saturday 7th March 2015, 17:46:27
Sometime an image is enough...
The 3D models are nice but sometime an image is enough!

At January I am subscribed on dreamstime®...

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