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  Request a Model

Title of the model.
Description of the model or scene.
Max 1000 characters.
Lowpoly (low detail). Normaly between 100 and 5.000 polygons.
Medium detail. Normaly between 5.000 and 50.000 polygons.
High detail. Normaly upper to 50.000 polygons.
Select the preferred file format. I tried to convert the model in all possible formats.
Optional: select an other file format.
Select the option "Texture" if you want a model textured. If you leave that option unchecked, the model won't have textures and UV map.
If you leave the option "Material" unchecked, the model will have a generic material.
If you have pictures of the object, you can upload an attachment. We accept only file .jpg, .zip and .rar.
(25 February 2021, 00:04) Expiration of the request specified as number of days from today. The product will not created after the expiration day.
Please, insert a valid email address

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