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Sunsetting Google+

3 February 2019, 12:34
As annunced in December of the last year, the consumer Google+ will be shutdown in the next April 2019.

All it began with the discovering of a bug: some not-public profile information of the users logged in by the Google+ API was potentially been accessible to developers.
Since October 2018 was annunced the Google+ shutdown, in evidence of the low usage of the platform.
In 2th April will start the progressive shutdown of the pages and the content of accounts will be removed.

From tomorrow (4th February), you will not be able to create new profiles, pages, communities or events.
The developers that have used the Google+ API shall substitute that with the Google API.

The shutdown task of accounts will require some months.
Starting from tomorrow, 3DCrypter will stop to publish new post on the Google+ page, and the link to that (always visible in all pages of the website) will be removed too.

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