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Last update: 8th January 2017

Foreword: for 3DCrypter, Matvic, administrator, webmaster or the pronoun "I", I am talking about me ("Mattia Vicari").

On 3DCrypter was born as portfolio of my 3D works.
On this web site, you can find a form for ask a customized 3D Model. The requested project, when it will be accepted and completed, will be sold in the online stock of 3D Model.
The request should be done using the module in the section "Request a 3D Model".
I have no obligation to create the model requested.
At the same way, the user is under no obligation to buy the model.

The models are sold in the following online stock:

  • 3DExport
  • Highend3D
  • TurboSquid
  • cgtrader
You can not buy the model directly from 3DCrypter. The user should buy the product in the stock where the model was published.
The user hasn't right to get a discount.
If you don't like the model, you can simply choice to not buy it.

The user is not the owner of the custom model. The user buy a license to use by the stock. See the stock documentation for more info about the license.
You can not ask to remove a model from a stock, even if the product is a custom model.
The selling price is decided by the author. No advise about price will be taken in account (got by the request module or in some other way).
No refund. Ask to the stock where you have bought the model.
No support. Also in this case, ask to the stock where you have bought the model.

In the request model the the email address is mandatory. The email will be used in both the confirmation procedure of the request is to inform you about the publishing of your model.
3DCrypter is not responsible for the email not received.
For information about the privacy see the privacy policy.

The user is not informed about how much time the custom model will take. In the request module you can specify the expiration date of the job.
If you have not received the acceptance email within the expiration date, it means that the request is not accepted.
After the expiration date, the model will not be created.

If you are not sure to want that realization of your project by me or simply that I will get information about your project (included the documentation that you will send to me for this scope), DON'T SEND THE REQUEST!

The publishing of a model on a stock instead of an other depends on two issues:

  • selling price
  • evaluation of the model by the reviewer of the stock

Selling price: some 3D Model stocks (for example Highend3D, 3DExport(**) and cgtrader) force a minimum price(*). Others (for example TurboSquid) accept any amount. So, if the price of a model is less than $20, the product will be sold only on 3DExport, TurboSquid and cgtrader (if not less than $7). If the model has a price from $20 or upper, it could be sold on all of the four of them.
(*These minimum amounts were taken at date 28th November 2015. They could change in the future)
(**At 8th December 2014, also 3DExport™ has forced a minimum price of $5)

Minimum selling price of 3D models:

 Mimimum price

Evaluation by the reviewer: the stocks have different criteria for refuse a model. Some 3D models stocks, for example Highend3D, check the model requirements at the moment of the upload. The product stays in the state of pending for some time. The model could stay in pending for few hours or for some days.
Others stocks make the model immediately available and they make checks in the year. A model could be available in a day and then removed by the stock the next days.

If you have provided an email address, in the text of the email you can find the stocks where the model is available.
The model will be inserted in the section "Portfolio" of this site.

The model is sold with the same price in all the stocks.

An important note: the site is agree with the political of the 3d models stocks. Low prices and product right away available. The stock can sell models of high quality as product of medium-lower quality.
These products can be created by professionists as by hobbists.
If you want a professional high quality model, please contact a 3D graphics professionist. Keep in mind that the price should be 5-7 times higher.

This site is not responsible in any manner for damages created by the use of the model.

From January 2015, 3DCrypter publish in the images stock the renderings realized with own 3D models.

The same general rules for the 3d models are worth also in this case.

For "rendering" it means the generation of an image starting by a 3d model. The image obtained in this way could be modified through an image editor in order to adjust it to the specification of the stock where it will be sold.
The images are in high resolution (300dpi, almost 4MP).

Currently the images are sold in 4 microstock:

  • dreamstime
  • DepositPhotos
  • CanStockPhoto
  • 123RF

From July 2015, free 3D models are published also at 3DCrypter, downloadable for free, without any payment.

The free 3D models are available in the section "Free Models" of the 3D Portfolio.
With these models you can do (almost) anything you want, included the commercial uses. You can use it for personal project or for sale, you can make rendering, you can modify the original model and/or integrate it in your project.

What you can not do: you can not sell the 3D model as is it, you can not create packages containing my 3D models for sale, you can not attribute to yourself the paternity.
Remember that these models are for free and they must be like that.
If you want distribute my models on your web site, please contact me by e-mail to

Support: the free 3D models are provided without any assistance. 3DCrypter is not responsable about the damages due to the (correct or not) usage of the models.
3DCrypter doesn't want spread any virus or malware. If you suspect an infection, please, send a claim by e-mail to

Model credit: model credit is not required.
However, it is appreciated!.

From February 2016, a section about App is born.

In this section, there are only the Apps that I have created (no App of third parts). The Apps are available at the Windows Store.
You can send a claim through the related module on the page of the online manual.
By the same module, you can send also some suggestions about the application. The claims received directly by email will not be taken in account.

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