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PwdCrypter v2.0.9

27 December 2019, 16:53
A new update of PwdCrypter has been released.
In addition to bugfixes, there are two new features: the push notifications and the fast search for passwords.

The push notifications are used for send news about the App and it is possible to view the list of the latest news by the "List of news" page.

In the password list page, at the top, there is the field for the fast search: if you start to type your criteria, you can filter the password list.

I have to tell you that a feature has been removed in this new version: I'm speaking about the check of potentially breached accounts using the HIBP service. Starting from the 18th August, the API of "Have I Been Pwned?" requires a monthly subscription. Due to this, from that day, the service is down.
For the moment, the feature "Check your passwords" has been temporarly removed. In the future I'll see if I have to look for a similar service provided by others or subscribe to the HIBP.
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